It's a New Day

“It’s A New Day” (2007) is the third album entirely written, produced, performed and engineered by award-winning songwriter Kit Holmes in her home studio in Austin, Texas. Every voice, every instrument, every note and word you hear are the product of Kit's enormous talents. 

"It's A New Day" is an inspired blend of jazz-infused pop flavored with a little southern gospel, Motown and rock. If your idea of "Spiritual" music involves intelligent, humorous and deeply insightful lyrics set within moving melodies and lush harmonies, "It's A New Day" is for you. 

From mysticism to metaphysics and Christianity to Buddhism, Kit Holmes' "It's A New Day" beautifully captures the adventures of a spiritual being having a very human experience. 

It's a New Day © 2007, Kit Holmes Music/No Place Like Holmes Publishing

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