Complete lead sheets (melody line, lyrics and chord symbols) for all ten songs on the Something Wonderful album by Kit Holmes in the original keys. Downloadable .pdf files


All Songs, Music and Lyrics by Kit Holmes ©, 2012, Mary C (Kit) Holmes / No Place Like Holmes Publishing (ASCAP). 

Something Wonderful Sheet Music Songbook .PDF

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  • Format: .pdf files

    Licensing: your purchase of these sheet music files grants you permission to download/print them and perform the songs in both private and live public settings.  

    It does NOT grant you any right to record any performance of these songs (in full or in part) in any kind of fixed media (i.e., CD, MP3, MP4, WAV, MOV or similar digital file, or on any social media platform) without the express written permission from the publisher (No Place Like Holmes Publishing - ASCAP). Send an email to Easy-peasy.

    Not sure if you really need to ask first? You do. 

    Here's why:

    1. Karma. Golden Rule. 

    2. Copyright laws. Copyright laws are designed to protect content creator's rights to make a living from their creations. Copyright holders (that would be Kit Holmes, in this case) have exclusive right to say where their creations are performed, shared and used.

    3. Kit Holmes is a working musician, performing songwriter and content creator. She works her ass off trying to make a living doing these things. If you like her songs and want to perform them or use her recordings in any way that benefits you and/or your bottom line, honor her (and the law) by ASKING her FIRST if you can cover or use her tunes. She loves getting to know the folks who want to sing her songs and share her message. It's an affirming honor for her. A short email to is the quickest way to take care of it.

    Want to record your performance of Kit's songs on a CD or other fixed/transferrable audio or video file format? You MUST contact Kit Holmes Music ( to obtain a mechanical and/or sync license*. This is non-negotiable. 

    As of October 2020, none of Kit's music (recorded, printed, or in any other distributable format) is available through Creative Commons licensing. (Learn more HERE). 

    In short, be cool. Honor all creators of content by doing your due diligence and asking for permission to use it and paying the licensing fees where required by law and the owner/publisher of said content. The majority of the time, it only requires a short email, text, or social media conversation. You can also send snail mail requests to:

    Kit Holmes Music

    PO Box 2212

    Wimberley, Texas 78676 - USA

    We still love receiving snail mail. Really. Just be sure to include your phone number so we can take care of business more quickly. 

    *Learn about copyright law HERE

© 2020, Kit Holmes Music

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