Return to Love

Released in 2011, the 12 original Kit Holmes songs on Return to Love represent just a small part of a journal of sorts - on the experiences of love in all its joyful, confusing, heartbreaking and ultimately, positive life-changing forms. From inception to completion, there’s been a lifetime worth of reasons to laugh, cry, crumble and rise like a phoenix. New ways of living pushed old, useless attitudes and beliefs out of the way and brought up still others to be wrangled with. Some of the songs that made it to the album weren’t yet even sparks of ideas when the project was started. The tools for crafting great songs got honed and sharpened – a lot. The result is a marvelous, genre-bending blend of superbly written songs delivered from the heart riding the rails of jazz-infused, piano-driven pop. 

The title track takes its name from the healing message of the New York Times’ Bestseller by Marianne Williamson. “Bad Seed” is a sly but cautionary note about seduction - by things we know aren’t good for us. “Wind in the Trees” asks, “Who are you pleasing today”? “Headed West” is a beautiful look at new beginnings. “Hell Tonight” plunges us into the emotional cauldron of lost love while “Hold You in the Light” pulls us back to the love of deep and abiding friendship. “Blue Guitar” strums its simple little love song and “Split Decision” rocks the senses. Unrequited love takes a turn in “Lost in the Music” and the true romantic shows herself in the instrumental “If Autumn Were a Woman”. Finally, the bonus track “Blind Date” – a live recording – of a “harrowing tale of love and…horror…“ (need we say more?) rounds out the album.  

Engineer/Producers Stephen Doster, Eric Calistri and a host of extraordinary musicians like drummer Roger Friend and bassist Chris Maresh deftly contributed their artistry to sessions that sometimes moved across a handful of different studios months apart from the scratch tracks. The resulting open yet lush treatment of Kit’s arrangements is a testament to their love of handcrafted musical magic. Sit back, relax and enjoy!

Return to Love © 2011, Kit Holmes Music / No Place Like Holmes Publishing (ASCAP)

© 2020, Kit Holmes Music

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