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The in the House!

Hey! Rev. Kit here!


Yes, I am indeed a bona fide licensed minister and proud to call myself a Spiritual Adventurer!  While that might sound super fun and a little like I don’t have a fear or care in the world, the inward journey has been anything but. And…it’s been absolutely worth every step.

Let me explain:

“Religion” was the only acceptable way to the God of my youth. In a building. On Sunday mornings (and every holiday) and in catechism class. But where I truly found God was in nature and in music. 

Lighthouse Tmc_IMG_8783.jpg

I wasn’t an intentionally rebellious kid but my keen observations about the religious dogma/doctrine I was being taught vs. the real-life behavior of those who claimed to be devout didn’t score me any points with the authority figures in my life. I learned, as do many kids growing up gay (or in any way 'different') in religions that profess to “love as Jesus did” that coloring outside the lines is just not acceptable. 

It wasn’t until I was in my mid-thirties and in therapy (after having blown up my life without understanding why) that I had one of my first spiritual awakenings. In meditation one morning, I heard myself say, “I don’t think God would have given me all this talent just so I could end my own life.” 

I credit my therapist at the time with being the catalyst to my becoming a spiritual adventurer (and more than 20 years later, a licensed minister). All that business about the teacher appearing when the student is ready? Yeah, it’s true. 


As synchronicity would have it, I had begun to study the craft of songwriting as I was discovering my spiritual path. And a natural progression unfolded: as I started performing original songs that were “therapy” for me to write, other “seekers” were instantly drawn to the message. My true voice – the one where I no longer feared or hated God or myself - was emerging. 

I don’t believe there are any accidents in life. If you’re here reading this, welcome to the journey! 

My mission is to the share the healing art of music with the world - with love, humor, and respectand to help others discover and live from their truest voice.

Wedding Officiant, Spiritual/Life Coach

Rev. Kit is a Licensed Religious Science Minister and a Certified Life Mastery Advisor who has been helping people (re)discover their innate divinity, purpose, and creativity since 2015. She is an engaging keynote speaker and teacher.  Her guided and musical meditations, workshops and retreat experiences are positively transformational.  She captivates audiences with an inviting authenticity that is often hard to find. It is clear she lives what she teaches. To inquire about her coaching programs, pastoral services, and other minister-y type things (Rev. Kit LOVES to officiate weddings!Contact her HERE.

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